2021: Horizon
I led Academy's Chicago cohort in July of 2021 along with Sean Patrick Riley and Tracy LJ Robertson. We recorded an interpreted and extended version of Moonchild's "The Other Side" that stemmed from a collaborative process centered around envisioning 'the other side' of the pandemic. The music video was shot in the singers' homes as well as in our cohort house in Northbrook, IL. The video was directed by myself, Riley, and Robertson, and was edited by Amer Quilala.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
2020: Spark
In 2020, during Academy's all-virtual year, I directed a group of nine treble voices and led them through a collaborative songwriting process with co-director Tracy LJ Robertson. I also directed a music video for the song we wrote together, titled "By The Stars," the video for which was edited by Amer Quilala. I documented the process on my Instagram, and the sheet music is available via my online store
2019: Caeruleum
In my first year teaching at Academy, I directed a group of eleven mixed voices called Caeruleum with co-director Selame Scarlett.
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